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BioSand Water Filtration
Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Location:  Petro-Canada West Tower, Room 17 B/C, 150 - 6th Ave. S.W.

The BioSand Water Filter (BSF) was recognized in 2008 as the ‘best’ point-of-use water treatment technology available world wide.  Recently completed studies in Cambodia, Honduras, Ghana, Dominican Republic and Kenya have demonstrated greater than sixty per cent reductions in gastrointestinal disease as result of its introduction.  It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 BSF’s in use in more than 100 countries around the world with several hundred more being constructed every day.   Promotion by a large number of not-for-profit agencies, several here in Calgary, and for-profit organizations (micro businesses to very large corporations) promise to accelerate the technology dissemination to where several thousands of filters are manufactured and installed each day.

The development of the BioSand Water Filter started in 1988 as a direct result of experiences in South Africa and the Philippines.  The BSF is a very important variation of traditional slow sand filtration which has been proven over 150 years to be very successful in removing pathogens from water supplies to be used for drinking.   Where use of traditional slow sand filtration is limited to treating high quality water supplies for medium to large communities the BSF technology is affordable and appropriate for use in the homes of the poorest families in developing countries to treat almost any water supply they have available.  

The BSF is very inexpensive to manufacture, operate and maintain.  It is manufactured in the country and the community where it will be used.   It requires no energy and has an indefinite useful life.  It dramatically improves the quality of life for the least advantaged of the world.

The development of the BSF has been a journey of discovery, problem solving and optimism.  The journey continues.

Presenter: Dr. David H. Manz, P. Eng., P. Ag.

Bio: David Manz is an engineer, agrologist, businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, educator, humanitarian, husband and father.  He has several years of experience consulting in water related industries including senior corporate and engineering management positions, in both privately and publicly owned water and wastewater treatment companies, consultant in irrigation and drainage engineering, climate change and greenhouse gas management and water and wastewater treatment for municipal, industry, oil and gas and agricultural sectors, as a professor in various colleges and universities and more than twenty years in business and humanitarian efforts to provide safe drinking water to disadvantaged communities worldwide. 

David invented and developed the BioSand Water Filter technology which is now providing safe drinking water to disadvantaged people in developing countries around the world.  The BioSand Water Filter has proven very successful in reducing gastrointestinal disease and is now recognized the best point-of-use water treatment technology available.  David has been nominated for an Alberta Emerald Foundation (2009) in recognition of his development of the BioSand Water Filter and is a finalist in the individual commitment category.

Recently David developed an important variation of the BioSand Water Filter known as the Low Operating Head Polishing Sand Filter (LHPF) which is specifically designed to treat water in small to large communities worldwide.  The first application of this technology in Southern Alberta has proven very successful.  Several more plants are planned for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Colombia, Ireland and Bangladesh.

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